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2492 ft.  Spool

1247 ft.  Spool

Available in White or Black

Practically Maintenance-Free. Providing a long and reliable life, with no need for scraping nor repainting.  PastureLine's special high-tenacity, low-elongation plastic ensures fence stays in tension after installation.  Contrary to steel wire, PastureLine does not require periodic tensioning-a job that is time consuming.

Polymer Horse fence

Simple Installation. PastureLine Horse Fence is almost as easy to install as it is to maintain.  Lightweight (seven times lighter than wire!) and easy to handle, PastureLine is simple to set up and can be used with any type of post.  Its ease of installation results in reduced time and labour costs yet provides the attractive appearance you demand.  And because it is unaffected by elements or chemicals, PastureLine's clean appearance will last and last.

Strong, Durable. Manufactured with the same high-density, low-expansion polymer filament used to moor ocean ships, PastureLine offers a unique strength. While steel wire may alter its shape in extreme temperatures,  PastureLine remains unaffected.  PastureLine is also resistant to damage caused by sunlight, saltwater, crop chemicals and organic solvents such as diesel fuel and paint thinner.

Bayco Durability

Please remember that no horse fence can eliminate all potential risk of injury.

Additional security can be provided by installing an electrified wire together with PastureLine " No Wire" Polymer Horse Fence.

Although PastureLine Horse Fence is normally maintenance-free, we do recommend to inspect the fence from time to time (e.g. to check that the posts are still secure, check for damage, wire tension).

For PastureLine and Accessories please refer to our Main Catalogue.

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