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Fence Testers

The "Original" Fault Finder

Power Probe II 

* Water proof design

* Belt clip

* Long lasting battery

* Ergonomic case design

* Fingers are further away from High Voltage

* Bright red LED direction arrows

* 1 touch operation - Simple to use

* Clear indications of the direction of the fault

* Digital readout which shows fence voltage and current

* No wires, No clips, No tangles, No Shocks!

* Pocket size - Easy to carry

* Displays direction to a "high load" fault, not just current flow

* Will take you right to the fault, not leave you metres short!

The Australian made Power Probe is an outstanding product which was first introduced to North America by Ferris Fencing in 1994!

The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool for Electric Fences!

Finding shorts in electric fence has never been easier than with this farmer-invented "fault" finder.

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