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Poly Ropes, Tapes & Insulators

Black Poly Tape used on a residential installation

Combination of Poly Rope and Pasture Line

Poly Tape used on run out paddocks

Black Poly Tape used in combination

with Horse Rail

Poly Shock Wire and Gate Handle with Spring used to contain Dairy Cows

Summer Grazing for Dairy Cows using Poly Shock Wire

1/4 Inch Hot Braid
[EWHBC-660] ¼” Hot Braid, 9-Wire.jpg
[EWHBC-660] ¼” Hot Braid, 9-Wire inset.jpg


Premium Stainless Steel Gate Handle

*9 Stainless Steel Conductors

*Polyester Centre core for strength

*UV Stabilized polyethylene outer braid

*1000 lbs breaking strength

*660 ft. roll

*very robust and durable gate handle

*screwed, sealing cap

*Hook & Eye made from Stainless     Steel

*very large grip

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