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Electric Nets 

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Gives great protection from predators & is used with goats, sheeps, hogs, poultry, geese, dogs, rabbits, calves, gardens, shrubbery, ponds & more.

Rabbit/Critter Net
Rabbit Net Specs_edited_edited.jpg
Rabbit Net/Critter Net
Poultry Net
Poultry net

Extremely Portable!

Naturally Pasture Your Livestock & Maximize Profits.

Top Line Sheep Net.jpg
Sheep net Specs_edited.jpg

Leg & Neck Model!


Stainless steel stick & aluminum hook. High stability & light weight.



Titan Premium Net Post_edited.jpg


Titan Premium Net spacing_edited.jpg
Titan Premium Net.jpg

Electric Net Systems are a Top Seller with Bee Keepers to protect remotely located Bee Hives against Predators such as Bears!  Also Predator Control for Ponds & Hatcheries!

Pair up with a Unigizer/Dual Purpose or SOLAR Fence Controller!

Quick & Simple Install Requires:

Ground Rod & Clamp, Insulated Connection Cable, Fence Controller & Fence Tester

Speedrite 3000 Unigizer.jpg
Probe rotated.jpg

For Electric Nets and Accessories please refer to our Main Catalogue.

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