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Electric Fence Controllers

The DEFENDER  series uses the latest electric fencing technology. This simple yet versatile unit can be used for permanent fencing with the 110V mains adaptor or portable fencing with a 12V battery (includes stainless steel clamps for 12V system). LED indicator lets you know if your energiser is working.

D10 , D20 & D30 Models

The D65 is a powerful DUO controller for 12 volt battery or 110 volt supply for the toughest jobs, for long fences or fences with heavy vegetative growth. Incl. 110 volt adaptor and 12 volt leads. Two digital, permanently illuminated displays for the fence voltage and operating voltage. Multi-colour LED bar graph display for fence voltage monitoring. Capable of 110 Miles of electrified fence! Two fence outputs (high/low)

10 Stored (J)

Simple & Versatile Install

For illustration purposes only. Please refer to user manual for complete installation instructions.

SUNPOWER SOLAR models once fully charged, the battery can maintain a charge up to 2 weeks, even in cloudy or rainy weather, making them ideal for remote conditions. The powerful S180 & S550 includes battery charger to charge during the winter months and connector cable for fence and ground connection.

For further information about our products please refer to our Main Catalogue where you will find a wide variety of Fence Controllers to suit your requirements.

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